This is an outline for a health course:

Early Signs

Wrong-Headed Ideas
Defined: wrong-headed

  1. mistaken, wrong, false, incorrect, faulty, misguided, erroneous, off target, unsound, in error, fallacious I realise now that my thinking was wrong-headed and immature.
  2. >obstinate, dogged, contrary, stubborn, perverse, inflexible, wilful, intransigent, obdurate, self-willed, refractory, pig-headed, bull-headed, mulish, cross-grained, froward (archaic) The Government persists in its blind, wrong-headed approach to prisons and crime.

What Happens As It Gets Worse

Standard Medical Treatment

Natural Treatment

Lifestyle Choices – What Should you Do First?

Foods That Heal

Supplements That Can Help

What About Exercise?

Dr. Martin McIntosh DC

Dr. Martin McIntosh DC

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Dr. Martin McIntosh DC